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Coronavirus & Germ Protection

Safeway Sanitizing is a New York based cleaning technicians can provide swift commercial, industrial, and residential disinfecting from the Coronavirus as well as all viral threats - Logo Image

"Stay Safe with Safeway"

New York based cleaning technicians can provide swift commercial, industrial, and residential disinfecting from the Coronavirus as well as all viral threats efficiently. Our skilled & certified technicians will come to your commercial, residential, or industrial facility & apply an EPA approved solution to all surface areas. Safeway Sanitizing include this service to all dining areas, prep areas, & work spaces.

Commercial & Residential
Germ & Virus Removal Specialist
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Safeway Sanitizing

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Safeway Sanitizing

Covid-19 & Viral Protection

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Safeway Sanitizing
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Phone: 1800 975-7919

Our environmentally friendly solutions work well within both commercial and residential locations. Our sanitizing products are a food-safe disinfectant which sanitizes and is safe for your eyes, skin, and causes no irritations. All products used by Safeway Sanitizing prevent the growth of microbes on the surface. The coating service has been used in schools, daycares, gyms, arenas, and offices in multiple settings.
Safeway Sanitizing operators only use EPA and CDC certified products. Our solution product kills & disinfects:
Viruses Multiple Strains of Coronavirus, (COVID-19), Flu, H1N1, RSV, HIV, & Hepatitis, Bacteria, Salmonella,E-coli 0157h7 bacterias, Mold, Mildew, Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, EBOLA & more Immediate Results & Re-entry
Once our solution is thoroughly applied to all your surfaces it will kill the Coronavirus, cold, and flu viruses in 2 minutes or less. This allows immediate reentry to the space & no downtime.

Phone: 1800 975-7919
Please contact Safeway Sanitizing today for all your disinfecting & sanitization needs for your Commercial or Residential establishment.

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New York Commercial
Disinfecting Services

Scheduling of routine maintenance or emergency response to Covid-19 and outbreak emergencies. We are equipped to handle small & large scale facilities.

New York Residential
Disinfecting Services

Disinfecting & sterilization services are available for residential households. Weekly maintenance plans are available for homeowners & home offices.

New York Industrial
Disinfecting Services

Weekly maintenance plans for disinfecting & sterilization. Routine surface area cleaning, maintenance, and 24 hour emergency response available.

Safeway Sanitizing Commercial & Residential Service

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Safeway Sanitizing

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Phone: 1800 975-7919

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